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Debbie/Joey Have a wonderful day, ur in my heart May 12, 2012
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ Happy Mother's Day 2012 ~ May 12, 2012
mom...Shane Ramirez Have a Blessed Mother's Day You are in my Heart May 12, 2012
~Barbara~ ^i^Caroline's~Nana Wishing YOU A........ May 11, 2012
Mary Hand Wishing you a wonderful, Peaceful Day! May 11, 2012
~Rocky's~ mom Claudia Happy Mother's Day! May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mom, from your special angel above.

I want to say Mom,Thank You, for your unconditional love.

I am so sorry Mom, that I had to leave you here on earth. You took such good care of me Mom, ever since my birth.

Please Mom, it hurts me, to see you sad and cry. I really am happy Mom and I'm the handsome angel in the sky.

I am still here Mom, in everything you see and do. I am the sun shining in the sky when it is ever so blue.

I am the birds singing in the light of an early dawn. I am the smell of Daddys freshly mowed lawn.

I am the sound of raindrops, on your window pane. I am the rainbow, at the end of the rain.

I am the butterfly fluttering by with delicate ease. I am the sound of wind blowing through the trees.

I am the ladybug, found walking your arm one time in May. I am here Mom, thinking of you, on Mother's Day

Love, your Angel Ryan

Darko's mom Happy Mother's Day May 11, 2012
May God richly bless you
In every special way
As His Angel watches over you
On this Mother's day

May you feel His peace
As you celebrate today
And see all the love and joy
That has come your way

He'll be the one to guide you
On this special day
While you lean on Jesus
And follow his way

Happy Mother's Day
Colleen ~ Patrick Carroll Thinking of You! May 10, 2012
Mary Hand Thinking of You.... May 9, 2012
Debbie/Joey Handsome Ryan & sweet Mom Kathy May 7, 2012
Cathy~Mom of David Giraud ~THE DAY IS COMING, WHEN WE'LL HAVE R TEARS DRIED~ May 7, 2012
~Barbara~ ^i^Caroline's~Nana Sending Lots of...... May 4, 2012
Cathy~Mom of David Giraud ~Always in my heart~ April 27, 2012
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ Thinking of your loved one ~ April 25, 2012
Cathy~Mom of David Giraud ~THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF OUR DAVID~ April 22, 2012
Debbie/Joey Nicholas, I hope you heard my prayer this am April 21, 2012

Precious Ryan and sweet, wonderful Kathy,

First I wanted to thank you for writing to my Joey. I am trying to write to all the Mother's and families. I am at the nursing home everyday to feed my mother. I was taking care of her for 5 1/2 months at home until I could not do it any longer by myself. She has Alzmheimer's Disease. My father is now getting the same thing, it is a nightmare. I am still mouring over my baby and will do so until I am reunited with him. I have been a nurse for 38 years, and I have been out on medical leave. I did try to go back on 3 different occasion's, but I did not want to put my patient's at any risk, with my frame of mind. After the 3rd time that was it. So it took some time but I ended up wrting a book, and now I am on my second one. I had book signing's and reading's, but I had to put everything on hold. Of course as you know Family comes first. I am sorry but I did not mention my book in case you wanted to know, you can see it and get any information at: www.deborahdematthews.com  I hope from the bottom of my "heart" it will help Mom's and families. Any proceeds from the book goes to charity, school's, church's any families who lost a love one unexpected, in Joey's name. To me for some reason it keeps Joey alive and his name in my mind.
I wanted both you Kathy and beautiful Nicholas to remember that you will always be in my daily prayers and always will.
All my love,
Darko's mom Thinking of You Angel April 12, 2012
Lighting this candle for my Angel friend A friend that in this life I never met Is now thought of every day with love!
Colleen ~ Patrick Carroll Thinking of You April 11, 2012
~Rocky's~ Family Have a Blessed and Happy Easter April 8, 2012

                          Happy Easter from the family of ~Rocky Lindley
Faye~Alyson Halliburton From Aly to her Angel Friends' Forever Families April 7, 2012
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ Happy Easter 2012 ~ April 7, 2012
Cathy~Mom of David Giraud ~Time doesn't change our Love~ April 6, 2012
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ Happy Easter 2012, From the Scatto Family ~ April 6, 2012
^i^Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~ Sending YOU...... April 6, 2012
Margaret Buonpane Happy Easter! April 5, 2012
dragan's dad Easter Blessings in faith April 5, 2012

On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer.  ~ Douglas Horton ~

Mary Hand Thinking of you and your Family.... April 4, 2012
Mama anđela M.Blekic ANĐELE SRETAN USKRS April 4, 2012
mom...Shane Ramirez Easter Blessings my Friend April 3, 2012
Debbie/Joey Thinking of you always March 31, 2012
Sweet Ryan,

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ Spring 2012 ~ March 25, 2012
Debbie/Joey's Mom Sweet Ryan & family in my thoughts March 23, 2012
Darko's mom Thinking of You March 22, 2012
Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes!
  A penny for your thoughts of loved ones - penny coin with cut-out butterfly image.

mom...Shane Ramirez Sending you oxoxoxoxoxox March 21, 2012
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ St Patrick's Day 2012 ~ March 18, 2012
Colleen ~ Patrick Carroll Happy St. Patrick's Day! March 17, 2012
dragan's dad In honor of St. Patrick's Name Day March 17, 2012
Claudia mom to ~Rocky~ Happy St. Patricks Day March 16, 2012
Mary Hand Thinking of you March 16, 2012
Margaret Buonpane Happy St. Patrick's Day! March 15, 2012
Debbie/Joey's Mom Handsome Angel Ryan & Kathy ur in my thoughts March 15, 2012
Darko's mom mom March 14, 2012

A Mother's Crown

Heaven lit up with His mighty presence,
As all the Angels looked down, 
Today the Lord was placing the jewels,
In all the mother’s crowns.

As He held up a golden crown,
As all the mother’s looked on,
He said in His gentle voice, 
"I just want to explain each stone."

He held the first gem in His hand 
But the radiance couldn’t match His own. 
For He was the light of Heaven,
Reflecting off each of the stones.

"The first gem," He said, "is an emerald,
And it’s for endurance alone,
For all the nights you waited up.
For your children to come home.

For all the nights by their bedside,
You stayed till the fever went down,
For nursing every little wound,
I add this emerald to your crown."

"A ruby, I’ll place by the emerald,
For leading your child in the right way,
For if you hadn’t taught them about me,
They wouldn’t be here with you today.

For always being right there,
Thru all life's important events,
I give you a sapphire stone,
For the time and love you spent."

"For untying the strings that held them, 
When they grew up and left home, 
I give you this one for courage." 
Then the Lord added an amethyst stone.

"I’ll place a stone of garnet," He said,
"For all the times you spent on your knees, 
When you asked me to take care of your children,
And them for having faith in me."

"I have a pearl for every little sacrifice,
That you made without them knowing,
For all the times you went without,
To keep them happy, healthy, and growing."

"And last of all I have a diamond,
The greatest of all gems,
For those mother’s who lost their children, 
When they came home to heaven before them."

"This is the most precious sacrifice,
So I give the most precious stone,
For I know just how you felt,
I too lost a child of my own."


After the Lord placed the last jewel in,
He said, "Heaven is now complete, 
For every mother has her crown of jewels,
And all her children are at her feet."


~Barbara~ ^i^Caroline's~Nana WISHING YOU........ March 13, 2012

      With LOVE from CAROLINE & her Nana!!
Micheal & Michealah Scatto Mom ~ St Patrick's Day 2012 ~ March 12, 2012
Rains Mommy Disney World Balloon Release March 11, 2012
mom...Shane Ramirez Have a Beautiful Evening Sweetie March 7, 2012
Debbie/Joey Sweet Ryan & ur beautiful Mom ur in my prayers March 5, 2012
Darko's mom Thank You March 2, 2012
♥ڿڰۣಌ ~
Kathy, Thank you so much for being such a caring friend.... you have made our journey lighter with your candles, graphics, and kind words...There are no words to truly express my gratitude and appreciation for visiting my beloved son, your visits, the loving and beautiful messages, would give comfort to any grieving mama.... Milena 
~ ♥ڿڰۣಌ

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