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Gail Miller
Mom To Angel Michael Miller

Mom~ I love you, son
Mom ~1st mothers Day w/o you




Michael Miller's Mom~Gail
Gone But Not Forgotten, Ryan We All Love You!


I will always remember our good times!

Gail~Michael Miller's Mom

Sweet Ryan, You were with your mom's for a short time here on earth. But you are now with Jesus forever. It broke her heart to say good-by, but one day she will see you in heaven. This time it will be forever.

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Mom To Angel Michael Miller

Ryan, God only picks the best, that is why he picked you.

70EASTERBLESSINGS.gif EASTER BLESSING image by jiminycricket46Happy Easter! Son, I love you!
Michael Miller's Mom~Gail


Happy Spring Hope You Have Became Friends With My Angel Michael In Heaven.

Gail~Michael Miller's Mom

Dear Ryan,

God need a special angel so he hand picked you. You were your mom's earthly angel, now you are her heavenly angel.

Hope you have met my Angel Michael in heaven by now and have become big friends.

Mom To Angel Michael Miller

Waylon's mom Kimberly

Sending you lots of love Ryan!!! xoxoxoxox's

Waylon Kitchens mommy
Happy Valentines Day Ryan! xoxoxoxox's

wow ryan every time i think of you its so hard to believe that you are really gone. i can remember you and my sister kayla and tim powell and stephanie cole and kent hoover in mr. johnsons class at silver creek high just sitting around laughing and having a good time. what i remember most is hearing you laugh and seeing your smile.


every day i hope that walking down the street or going to the mall i might run in to you. oh how i wish i could. just to hug you and see your smile. and know that you are happy. every time i think of you my heart aches because i miss you so much. i can't wait for the day when i will see you again.


i went to your funeral, me and kayla both. it was so beautiful. your favorite song was played (amy lee and seether broaken) and every time i hear that song i think of you and cry, because they played that as they brought your casket up to the front for us to say our last goodbye's.


i never thought in a million years that this would happen to you as soonas it did. i wish i could take it all back and fix everyone's heartache. espically your family's. i can't even immagine what there going through. or how they deal with this every day. but i can see that you have a very strong family that misses you and loves you very much and as do i.


i hope to see you soon ryan. love you,  nicole

Ryans Sis

I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful to we wrote emails to one another, I read them all the time and theres nothing more precious to me than all the love that was in them, in every one we talked about how much we love each other and how much we were thankful for each other. Our problems and how we would always be there for one other. Even though I can't see you  I know that you are still here. I carry you with me. We share the same blood and we will always be close, people dont realize what having a brother is. And it makes me shine inside knowing that we understood. I love you with all my heart. I can't wait til the day we are together again til then I will make sure kids know their Uncle Ryan. The only uncle that was there for them both. Landen talks about you and Kendall can recognize you in a picture, she can say your name now at 18mths. She would crack you up. They both are smart and amazing. You would've have a blast!!!! 


My precious son Ryan,


God gave me a wonderful son

His memory will never grow old

He fashioned his smile out of sunshine

He molded his heart out of gold


He needed a new star in Heaven

A beautiful light to shine

So out of this world of sorrow

He chose that dear son of mine

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