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Mom's Graphics #2

 Ryan, I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! I know your happy and your with Jesus, your Grandpa, and all your angel friends. It's just so hard to be here without you, I love & miss you more ever day. My heart will forever be broken till I'm with you, till then I will try my best to honor your memory. All my love, Mom

Mom April 8, 2012
Happy Easter,Bub xoxoxox,♥♥♥

Mom April 7, 2012
Happy Easter,Bub xoxoxox,♥♥♥
BBBub, I know you will have such a wonderful Easter, I can't even imagine how it muct be in Heaven. He is Risen! Through His promise I will be forgiven and I will be with you again! The hardest part is having to wait here without you. Happy Easter,Sweetheart. I love & miss you with all my heart & soul xoxo,♥♥♥  

Mom February 14, 2012
I wish you were here, Luv U xoxoxoxox,♥
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Mom December 26, 2011
Merry Christmas,My Precious Son!! xoxox♥
Mom December 26, 2011
Merry Christmas,Bub

Bub, I wanted to wish u a Merry Christmas... I love & miss you so very much. I will forever be heartbroken without you. There is a big hole in my life where u should still be, nothing is right anymore. I try to remember that you are celebrating Christmas with Jesus, ur grandpa,great grandparents & all ur angel friends & are very happy....but it doesn't take away my grief or sorrow. I'm trying to hang on to that one day we will be together again and we will celebrate everything together and never have to be apart anymore. I love & miss you with all my heart & soul. Merry Christmas,Sweetheart 2011
Mom July 31, 2011
Forever in my heart....
Mom July 31, 2011
I love & miss you ...
Mom July 31, 2011
I love & miss you ....
Mom July 31, 2011
I love you my precious son....

My Precious Son, You will always be the answer when someone asks me what I'm thinking about. No matter what I'm doing or who I'm with you are always on my mind. You were the most open, loving, sincere, caring person I have ever known.  I feel so blessed that I am your Mom, and that I got to have you in my life. Be at peace my precious son, and I will see you again one day...Soon, I hope. I love & miss you with all my heart & soul. xoxoxoxox,♥

Mom July 31, 2011
Bub, You were/are my world....

Bub, It's your 3rd Angelversary... It seems like forever since I saw you. Everyday is a struggle to get through, I wonder how I made it this long. This picture was taken your last Christmas... I will always cherish every minute I got to have you in my life. I was so blessed to have you as a Son, I look so forward to spending eternity with you. You were truely a gift from God, my blessing. I love you with all my heart & soul xoxoxoxoxox,♥

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